I am a Believer Now

Black Holes and Baby Universes. It was the first Stephen Hawking's book that i studied ( A gift from a very respectable teacher ). Over the time, while I developed more and more interest for theoretical Physics, I read couple of other Stephen Hawking Books  too:  A Brief History of Time and Universe in a Nutshell.
The Physics and theories I learned from all these books is not a subject of discussion today. Today I am going to talk about how a renowned scientist has got guts to prove himself wrong. He proposes a theory in his PhD Thesis, negates it later, says again "I was wrong" and moves on to next and so on.
I have read, repeatedly in his books, the sentences such as, "But I was wrong", "My calculations were incorrect" etc etc. Man, thats Awesome!
Well, today I want to make a confession. I used to believe that Human Beings have full control over themselves. That if, for example, an addict wanted to quit, he could quit. It was all about the willpower. I used to have a strong belief in this theory. Well, People! Let me say that "I was wrong". Let me say that, "My calculations about life, were completely incorrect". The equations missed some very important constants and parameters. In short, they were incomplete. And now, I am a believer. I believe that willpower isn't good enough. I believe that human beings can be weak too. I understand the dilemma of that addict. I understand the life just a little bit more.
I am a Believer Now!


  1. One must be a believer to enter Jannah :D :D
    P.S. these life calculations are incomplete generally, incorrect a little extreme

    1. I was talking about a different believe btw :p
      P.S. Yes your are right. They were incomplete not incorrect. But few beliefs were completely incorrect though. Not all of them.